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Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone?

When you play with virtually any of the cubes out there, you always know where a facelet will fit just by looking at the cube. You may not know how to bring it there, but yellow goes on yellow. For the past 2 years we’ve been working to create a unique, astonishing new cube that undermines this comfort!

At the beginning the Afterlife Cube is just blank...
You will be facing the Unknown!

There’s no way to know where each facelet will fit! The tile will light up only when it's on the right face. That’s a whole new way to cube, which starts from fumbling around and ends up requiring a great cubing discipline, some centers orientation control, and quite a good memory.

We have committed ourselves to imagining and designing the real next level, starting right from this principle: if you’re looking for a new challenge, it’s not a matter of new shapes. It’s a matter of a brand new cubing experience!

The AfterLife Cube brings you there: a whole new way to cube.
Dive into an otherwordly adventure!


The Afterlife Cube is brought to you by MVented, an Italian startup focused on the development of innovative smart toys.

Our team includes physicists, aeronautical engineers, designers, math enthusiasts. We spent the last fifteen years developing, manufacturing and selling high tech systems: we have the required technical expertise when it comes to putting electronics into smart devices.

We had to face many difficulties, at the limit of seeming impossible, but we always figured out a way to overcome the obstacle. The technology now is ready, and the prototypes work effectively and flawlessly. However, we still need your help to make it a cost effective product and mass produce it! This is why we’re on Kickstarter. Find and back our project here!

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